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Basically here for the common purpose of talking to friends, Getting to meet new people, share your hobbies, find new one. Here for any thing you can imagen a site for TV, movies, anime, sports, game, creating RPGs, an easy way to share your artist abilit
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 The TDF Law

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The TDF Law Empty
PostSubject: The TDF Law   The TDF Law Icon_minitimeThu Jun 14, 2007 6:24 pm

1)Do not break the local laws or The US laws. Territories and Canada count. Do not attempt to upload, post, request(anything), or give a link to anything illegal.

2)Do not try and scam anyone, or find out any personal information from anyone. Do not give out personal Detail out either that could lead to fraud or any illegal act. Do not give out things such as Social security #, credit card #, or other personals.

3) No mutilation, deformed, or cruelty posts. This counts towards
both humans and animals. Animation does count.

4)Racism, sexism, or stereotyping of any kind is banned in all forums.

5)Please restrain from cursing or using cuse words on the site. We do have young kids on this site and I do not want to be responsible for teaching the kids those words.

The Breaking or defiling of these rules will result in suspension or Ban.

These rule Can be altered in the Suggestion bored. (this only applies to rules after # 5).

NOTE: Please read the rules at the top of each forum they are placed as announcements rules. These rules apply to ALL BOREDS rules in each Forum are detail for that forum only.
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The TDF Law
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