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Basically here for the common purpose of talking to friends, Getting to meet new people, share your hobbies, find new one. Here for any thing you can imagen a site for TV, movies, anime, sports, game, creating RPGs, an easy way to share your artist abilit
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 Explaination to plans

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PostSubject: Explaination to plans   Wed Jun 27, 2007 6:07 pm

I am trying to get a support group going for TDF...and I would like it to get up and running after The site is done.

Now i'm make several different banners.
Each banner has different effects.
and I will post a BBCode, a HTML code, and an extended Networking code(which is to be used for myspace)

these are the only code I wish to offer. If you would like to alter to make your own that would be nice just make sure you post both a BBcode and a HTML code.

This is what I am going to do to help my site get popular.

PLus do not inform anyone about details. I would like people to find out about it by them selves.

I will post all of my banners in one sticky. Feel free to post your thank you for supporting TDF.


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Explaination to plans
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